Dara Greenwald at the Lasso Gallery

Dara Greenwald at the Lasso Gallery

Date posted: 2007-10-01 12:23:00

Lasso Gallery at the Butcher Shop announces its inaugural show:




INVOLVING VIOLENCE runs from September 15th – October 20th

Saturday gallery hours: 12pm – 5pm or by appointment 


Artists included in this show are Joan Dobkin, Dara Greenwald, Benjamin June, Dustin Klare, Masaco Kuroda, Alan Lerner, Regina Mamou, Sari Maxfield, Jessica Peterson, Chelcie Porter, Jason Stec, Cordell Thurman, Josh Winegar and Krista Wortendyke. 


Involving Violence, curated by Lasso co-directors, Carrie Ruckel and Karin Patzke presents work by artists addressing the violence and hostility portrayed on television, movies, newspapers, and other media, and acted out in real life. Violence permeates around us, yet most find ways to navigate our daily activities by distancing confrontation and hostility. The artists included in this exhibition attempt to negotiate contemporary, historical, and personal events, hoping to resolve and come to terms with the violent actions of society. 



Lasso Gallery at the Butcher Shop

1319 W. Lake St., 3rd Fl. 

Chicago, IL

Co-Directors, Karin Patzke and Carrie Ruckel


Living in the Clave: Roots of Africa Chasing the Rhythms
October 17, 2018 7:30 PM
Union, Mother's

Under the direction of Prof. Ade Knowles, the Roots of Africa Music Ensemble continues the journey of uncovering and sharing rhythms from Africa and the New World. Come Celebrate with Roots on October 17th at Mother’s, doors open at 7:00 pm, performance starts at 7:30 pm.