Two Reviews of Corpus Extremus (Life+), curated by Boryana Rossa

Two Reviews of Corpus Extremus (Life+), curated by Boryana Rossa

Date posted: 2009-04-14 12:09:00

Image: Exhibition view 

Corpus Extremus (Life+), curated by Boryana Rossa (MFA 2007, current Ph.D. candidate)
Curatorial Incubator Director, Mary Anne Staniszewski
Corpus Extremus (Life+) is an exhibition produced by Exit Art, New York
Exit Art Project Directors: Herb Tam, Associate Curator and Lauren Rosati, Assistant Curator

Exit Art,  February 28 – April 18, 2009

Luckily for us, the Australian performance artist known as Stelarc, formerly Stelios Arcadiou, is not prone to sensationalism.

He only wants to transform his body into a portal on the Internet. Which is why visitors to Exit Art, a gallery in Midtown Manhattan, are being treated to a video of Stelarc's left arm being cut up like a rare tenderloin to implant what will eventually be a Bluetooth-enabled artificial ear.

New York Times Essay

The Brooklyn Rail

The body's evocative layers of skin, desire, and pain have long been a rich departure point for art-making. We take many of the body's conditions as givens: its materiality, its mortality, its role as both substratum and surface to the human soul.

The works in Exit Art's Corpus Extremus (LIFE +) prod at these givens. The projects here—many realized in conjunction with research labs, art-science organizations, or medical doctors—create entities that are ambiguously visceral: teeming tissue cultures, lab animals, synthetic appendages.

Brooklyn Rail Review



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