Colony Collapse Radio

Colony Collapse Radio

Date posted: 2008-04-08 13:57:00

COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER RADIO continues THIS WEDNESDAY 10am-Noon on 91.5 NY capital region,streaming from

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CCD Radio is a seven show series inspired by the longstanding buzz between humans and bee creatures, brought to you by EE Miller and Ryder Cooley



March 26 : Bee Human : Folklore of the Bees

Chris Harvey, Technopia, Dan Conlan, Sara Jaffe, J Dilla,

Janet Frame ...


April 2 : SuperSisters

Dara Greenwald, Miranda Mellis, Jeremy Sachs, Isabelle Massu, Sister Song .....


April 9 Superstructures

Dean Spade, Christine Shields & Jaina Bee, Juanita Nelson, Leonard Retel Helmrich, Judi Bari, Jason Martin, Fall Harbor ...


April 16 : Foreign Invaders 1

Wafaa Bilal, Sailor Holladay, WPDG, Mirah and Spectratones...


April 23: Foreign Invaders 2

Freedom Archives,  Anna Jacobs, Laura Silver, Naima Lowe  ...


April 30 : Supersedures,

Jim Finn, Octavia Butler,  Leonard Retel Helmrich, Tina Keane, Adam Zaretsky,

Revan Schendler...


May 7 : Swarm

Brian Holmes, Meade Bernard, Josh MacPhee, Dan Conlan...


"Crime + Punishment" with filmmaker Stephen Maing
November 14, 2018 7:00 PM
The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Ave., Troy, NY

Join us for a screening and discussion of the riveting documentary chronicling the struggles of a group of black and Latino whistleblower cops and the young minorities they are pressured to arrest and summons in New York City.

A workshop “Storytelling at the Margins,” with the film’s director/producer/cinematographer/editor Stephen Maing, will precede the screening from 4-6pm.