Colony Collapse Radio

Colony Collapse Radio

Date posted: 2008-04-08 13:57:00

COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER RADIO continues THIS WEDNESDAY 10am-Noon on 91.5 NY capital region,streaming from

podcast available at


CCD Radio is a seven show series inspired by the longstanding buzz between humans and bee creatures, brought to you by EE Miller and Ryder Cooley



March 26 : Bee Human : Folklore of the Bees

Chris Harvey, Technopia, Dan Conlan, Sara Jaffe, J Dilla,

Janet Frame ...


April 2 : SuperSisters

Dara Greenwald, Miranda Mellis, Jeremy Sachs, Isabelle Massu, Sister Song .....


April 9 Superstructures

Dean Spade, Christine Shields & Jaina Bee, Juanita Nelson, Leonard Retel Helmrich, Judi Bari, Jason Martin, Fall Harbor ...


April 16 : Foreign Invaders 1

Wafaa Bilal, Sailor Holladay, WPDG, Mirah and Spectratones...


April 23: Foreign Invaders 2

Freedom Archives,  Anna Jacobs, Laura Silver, Naima Lowe  ...


April 30 : Supersedures,

Jim Finn, Octavia Butler,  Leonard Retel Helmrich, Tina Keane, Adam Zaretsky,

Revan Schendler...


May 7 : Swarm

Brian Holmes, Meade Bernard, Josh MacPhee, Dan Conlan...


Arts Lecture: Stories and Traditions from the Iroquois Longhouse
February 21, 2018 2:00 PM
West Hall 326

Mohawk storyteller Kay Olan (Ionataiewas) will visit Rensselaer to share traditional Mohawk stories to help inform the Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage Design course's collaboration with the City of Cohoes to produce an AR application for cultural heritage.