Date posted: 2006-01-20 00:00:00

When: all performances at 8 PM

Where: the Children's Museum of Science and Technology, 250 Jordan Road, Troy, NY (in the Rensselaer Technology Park)

The Events:

January 20 Pauline Oliveros and Diana Slattery

An Auricle's Oracle

You are invited to bring your questions, silent and whispered, and to listen deeply with the auricle , the outer ear and upper chamber of the heart, and look as deeply into the Dome space for an answer. A chorus of whispers moves through Oliveros' EIS system. EIS listens, and speaks, auricle and oracle. Filaments of LiveGlide signs begin to fill the Dome, as the performers improvise/interpret on the theme the oracle has offered.

January 28 Seth Cluett and lmnopf

we are below the just noticeable difference

In a fast world the slow things get passed by; attention is drawn to
faster surface movement of most things in nature rather than the slow cycles on which they rest. Playing with these ideas, composer Seth Cluett and video artists lmnopf will carve out a slow piece of time using geologic movement as a point of departure.

February 4 Sam Lerner

The Synaestheater

Sound from visions, visions from sound. An instrument that crosses the senses, creating tempered worlds by commingling the creation of music with the creation of art. An evolving form of theater, engaging multiple senses simultaneously, to create a new media experience.

February 11 Jonathan Lee Marcus and Stephan Moore
Look up! See Mercury!

February 18 Diana Slattery and Evidence (Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood)
A Honey Diamond in the Dew

What is simultaneously soft, hard, and sparkling as it wraps around you?

Art in the Planetarium

The current trend of digitally refitting planetarium domes world-wide to fulldome, single channel projection systems has opened a new world of possibilities for educational and artistic programming, dramatically lowering the cost both of production and delivery.

Immersive sound systems are part of the commercial, video gaming, and home theater environments, and a staple of sound art in new media experimentation on the art and technology scene. The visual equivalent—the fulldome cinema paradigm—abandons flat rectangular projection screens to immerse the viewer using the hemispherical surface of a dome. Creating and presenting new types of content for planetarium domes, beyond the traditional astronomy-related programs and laser light shows is a new challenge and opportunity.

DomeWorks is an arts collaborative based in the Capital region creating works for domed spaces and the hardware and software tools and equipment for future technological and aesthetic experimentation in wraparound realities. Marshall McLuhan claimed that each of our new technologies rearranges the ratio of our senses to produce new perceptual experience. DomeWorks is a living laboratory for such experimentation in extended perception of sound and sight, exploring the borders of audibility and visibility through spatialization of sound, and through imaging that reaches beyond the borders of peripheral vision.

iEAR Presents! Irene Lusztig's "Yours in Sisterhood"
March 27, 2019 7:00 PM
EMPAC Studio Beta

Documentary filmmaker Irene Lusztig, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz, will present her recent film Yours in Sisterhood (2018), which uses as source material the archives of Ms. Magazine. Lusztig uses letters to the editor, filming them read by people living in towns and cities across the country where the letters originated.