Date posted: 2011-02-22 15:15:20

Animalia is an inter-species fairytale about a girl who is disenchanted with the world and wishes she could fly. She joins the circus only to discover it is a secret military operation. She then runs away to the woods and falls under the spell of a mystical deer.
When she becomes an antlered deer-creature, she finally achieves flying powers and enters an ethereal world of hybrid creatures.

While students in the iEAR program at RPI, C. Ryder Cooley and Bart Woodstrup began discussing the possibility of animating illustrations (drawn by Ryder) that were based on her multi-media performance (also called Animalia). Two year's later it has become a reality, and we are happy to announce the animation's completion.

A limited edition illustrated book of the drawings used in Animalia is in the final stages of printing. The book will be available soon, along with a DVD of the animation. Please email to reserve a copy of the book and/or DVD.

Ryder is currently working on the final stages of her newest show, XIMALIA. This visceral work is a continuation of the Animalia series.
The performance features songs, video and aerial acts about extinct animals. XIMALIA will be premiering in the spring with shows throughout the summer & fall. Please check her website for an ongoing listing of performances

The full-length animation is available at either of the following links: