Allison Berkoy at Lambert Fine Arts Gallery

Allison Berkoy at Lambert Fine Arts Gallery

Date posted: 2011-10-17 14:09:43

Lambert Fine Arts and Allison Berkoy invite you to visit the Rec Room. Descending to the gallery's lower level, viewers enter a realm of relics and remains, projection and spectacle. Miniature and life-sized video sculptures inhabit scenes of illusion and delusion in varied states of recreation and re-creation. Entertaining dismembered remembrances and future fantasies, the gathering of mummified beings present a dark splendor of diversion.

As part of Grand Opening - Round #1, works by the following artists will be featured in the upper gallery: Hitomi Mochizuki, Liu Guangyun, Terrenceo Hammond, Brandon Friend, Karim Marquez, Jean Petion, Benito Valdie, Rob Swainston, Amanda Dickerson, Shalom Neuman, Rachel Meuler, Bob Clyatt, Harris Diamant, Kara Taylor, Jason Griffin, Jonny Fenix, Ray Sell, Joe Grazi, DH Peligro, Doug Henders, and the Gutbox Collective.

Lambert Fine Arts Presents: Rec Room and Grand Opening - Round #1

On view from October 20th - November 6th, 2011

Opening Reception: October 20th, 8-11pm

57 Stanton Street (at Eldridge) NY, NY 10002

For more information on Allison:

 iEAR Presents! A Brown Bag Colloquium with Media Artist and Curator Kathy Brew: Experimental Journey from Analog to Digital
December 12, 2018 12:00 PM
West Hall 113

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