AXIS: The Art_X Interdisciplinary Seminar Presents "Visualization and Cognition"

AXIS: The Art_X Interdisciplinary Seminar Presents "Visualization and Cognition"

Date posted: 2017-03-24 13:42:24

AXIS: The Art_X Interdisciplinary Seminar Presents "Visualization and Cognition," featuring lecture/demonstrations by Eric Ameres and Shawn Lawson, followed by discussion. The event is free and open to the Rensselaer community. 
Eric Ameres (EMPAC/Cognitive Science) - Cognitive Load Theory and Spatial Data Visualization
Graphical Visualization is often used to optimize presentation rather than exploration and learning.  To use visualization as an effective tool for complex data exploration and discovery, we must understand and address design and optimizations based on human sensing, perception and overall cognitive processing. "The Campfire," is a novel device that implies certain new methods for exploration and structures for visualization and organization of data.  However, we know from Cognitive Load Theory and its use with respect to Instructional design and Multimedia learning state that cognitive tasks such as mastering a task or evaluating a graph, chart or other visual information carry loading costs of different types that should be mitigated by design and presentation.
Eric Ameres is a Senior Research Engineer at EMPAC, as well as a PhD candidate in Cognitive Science.
Shawn Lawson (Arts) - Live Coding Visualizations
This short presentation will be a live coding audio and visual experience, followed by demonstrating the benefits of rapid iteration for idea exploration in creative coding.
Shawn Lawson is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Program Director in the Department of the Arts at Rensselaer. He performs at festivals, conferences, and venues under the pseudonym Obi-Wan Codenobi, frequently as one half of the duo Codenobi & Wookie with PhD alumnus, composer/performer Ryan Ross Smith. 

The Art_X Interdisciplinary Seminar series presents lectures and discussions examining the intersections of Science, Engineering, Business and Art, as well as projects and initiatives of Art_X @  Rensselaer.  The series is a joint effort of the Departments of Science and Technology Studies (STS), Arts, The Center for Materials, Devices and Integrated Systems (cMDIS), the Center for Deep Listening (CDL), and the Art_X Steering Committee.

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