Acoustic Ecology co-curated by composers Andrea Williams and Dan Joseph.

Acoustic Ecology co-curated by composers Andrea Williams and Dan Joseph.

Date posted: 2015-04-13 09:36:02

Featuring Michelle Nagai, Stephan Moore, Dan Joseph & Andrea Williams, Viv Corringham, Johann Diedrick, Christie Leece and Moira Williams.

Coined by the Canadian composer and theorist R. Murray Schafer in the1970s, the term acoustic ecology refers to the study of the effects of the acoustic environment on those creatures living within it. An outgrowth of the World Soundscape Project conducted by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC in the late 1960s and early 70s, acoustic ecology has grown through the ensuing decades into an academic and artistic discipline, capturing the interest of composers, sound artists, and scientists throughout the world. Taking place over three days, the Brooklyn Acoustic Ecology Festival offers an opportunity to explore our understanding of sound in our environment through the work of a group of selected artists who will present performances, talks, and soundwalks in and around the Old Stone House in Park Slope.

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The Isle is Full of Noises
November 27, 2018 12:00 PM

The Isle is Full of Noises is a environmental sound installation composed by Professor Michael Century, with the assistance of Eric Miller (PhD student, Electronic Arts).