Arts Dept. Professor Caren Canier in Dialoghoi dellâ Arte - an international tour of paintings

Arts Dept. Professor Caren Canier in Dialoghoi dellâ Arte - an international tour of paintings

Date posted: 2014-06-09 09:25:22

This exhibition will mark the first in an international tour, traveling to the Guilin Museum in Guilin, China, the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy and the International Center for the Arts in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy throughout the upcoming academic year. The exhibition will feature 32 paintings from 16 American artists, writers and educators who form the painting collective, Dialoghi dell'Arte (A Discourse on Art). Collective members include

Martha Armstrong (MA)

Pamela Bowers (SC)

Cynthia Bridgman (IL)

Caren Canier (NY|Italy)

Tina Engels (IL)

Jessie Fisher (MO)

Alan Feltus (Italy)

Dan Gustin (IL)

Lani Irwin (Italy)

Geoffrey Miller (NY)

Barry Nemett (MD)

Laini Nemett(NY)

Richard Piccolo (Italy)

Langdon Quin (NY|Italy)

Scott Seebart (MO)

David Voros (SC)

Heavily influenced by the artistic traditions of central Italy, this group of dedicated painters find themselves fusing the lineage of American Post-Abstract figuration with individual responses to Italian paesaggio, the elegance of the Sienese, the crystalline abstraction of Piero, linear traditions of the Florentine School and its sensual counterpart in Venice, grand rhetoric of Mannerism, Baroque extravagance in Rome, the sublime narrative of the Metaphysical painters and the intimate tabletop of Morandi. For the painters in this group, motif is not defined by stylistic quality, rather, through the subtle appropriation of the vast expanse of Italian aesthetic influence.

In the exhibition essay for this group's inaugural exhibition at the McMaster Galleries at the University of South Carolina in 2013, Pamela Bowers and David Voros, directors of the International Center for the Arts, wrote of the group's connection to a cultural and geographic location:

"Each year they return to Italy to immerse themselves in both local Umbrian culture and the rich history the region has to offer as well as to participate in this critical community of contemporary artists that is generated, in part, by their presence there. In this, Italy influences not only their own work but also their teaching. Through them, the rich legacy of Italian art continues to inspire generations of young painters."

A catalog for the Dialoghi dell'Arte 2014-15 International tour that addresses the group's members, as well as the work included in the exhibition, is currently under development and will include an essay by Michele Fricke, PhD, Program Head of Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute, as well as writings by collective members discussing the work in the exhibition.  More American venues will be announced as the tour progresses.


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