Rensselaer MFA/PhD Show: OPEN STUDIO

Rensselaer MFA/PhD Show: OPEN STUDIO

Date posted: 2013-12-04 13:24:35

Rensselaer MFA/PhD students in Electronic Arts would like to cordially invite you to attend our OPEN STUDIO, a takeover of West Hall at RPI for a single night to showcase what we all have been working so hard on.  

Featured Artists

Brian Cook is a composer, media artist, and programmer based out of Troy, NY. His recent work focuses on the complex relationships between natural and manmade sounds, spaces, and surfaces.

david allen is a Hispanic American digital artist whose work amplifies innate desires to joyfully dance and play, drawing inspiration from both his experience as a game developer and as a traveling performer during his childhood abroad. His art weaves threads of movement into experiential patterns of digiluminescence using kinetic interfaces.

Helen J. Bullard is a multi-media research based British artist, currently living and studying in Troy, New York. Her practice tells stories about animals; sometimes anecdotal, sometimes scientific, sometimes discordant -- always strange. Recent works and research have encompassed subjects of biomedicine and the horseshoe crab, chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer, and concepts of the “Dog-like” through storytelling, sculpture, photography, video, performance and code-based media.

Kelly Michael Fox is a composer and new media artist based out of Troy, NY. His works involve compositions and installations comprised of digital systems of interaction based around biological models. Charivari is a sound installation modeled on colonies of sonic organisms living and acting out life-like motivations amongst each other in a contiguous sound space.

Lindsay Karty’s background is in performance and building sound devices from discarded electronics because she couldn’t afford a synth. She will bring life to an almost dead space by channeling vibration through improvised structures and found objects.

Raven Kwok (aka Guo, Ruiwen) is a visual artist, whose artistic and research interests mainly focus on generative visual aesthetics brought by computer algorithms and software processes. He is currently working on his long-term project called “Algorithmic Creatures”, which will be shown at EMPAC in March, 2014. 1194D — A cinematic piece showing the “Algorithmic Creature” 1194D’s growing process and multiple behaviors with its “herd” within the simulated environment constructed based on tetrahedral geometry grid. ECO —  A series of real-time generative animations simulating the bio-relations of multiple different “Algorithmic Creatures”.

Ryan Jenkins builds miniature environments culled from memory in order to look at how our mind loses grasp of details over time. He often blends fictional and factual elements, sometimes bordering on the surreal and exaggerated; reflecting how our mind interprets and distorts traumatic or momentous moments in our life. This piece is a 1/87th scale model of a childhood home that's contained in a large, handmade, rough box.  Referencing concepts of memory boxes, treasure chest, uncovering old shoeboxes of family photos, display cases, and the literal “keyhole” into an environment or memory.

Ryan Ross Smith is a composer, favoring animated over conventional notation for its potential to achieve ensemble coordination, rhythmic complexity, and electroacoustic synchronicity, in real-time with little to no rehearsal time.

Zach Layton is a composer, guitarist, curator and transmission artist interested in the thresholds of sound, light and biological signal. Currently working with lasers, oscilloscopes and multi-channel audio, his work takes a morphological approach to visual synthesis and sound field imaging. A member of the artistic advisory board and former curator of ISSUE Project Room, Zach has performed at PS1/MoMa, Roulette, Performa, the Kitchen and many other venues in New York and abroad.

Join Us for the Level Upstate Game Development Accelerator Kickoff
June 18, 2019 3:30 PM
Sage 2411 (Vast Lab), 2nd Floor

Level Upstate is a summer intensive program for indie game developers and early-stage games companies to refine their prototypes and their business.