Arts Professor Dr. Ade Knowles Interviewed by WAMC’s Joe Donahue and Alan Chartok at EMPAC

Arts Professor Dr. Ade Knowles Interviewed by WAMC’s Joe Donahue and Alan Chartok at EMPAC

Date posted: 2013-05-28 16:22:25

Dr. Ade Knowles, Professor of Practice in the Department of the Arts at RPI, was interviewed by WAMC’s Joe Donahue and Alan Charak during its Roundtable segment at EMPAC (The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performance Arts Center) on May 28.  Dr. Knowles discussed his experience as a faculty member and his unique style of teaching that is incorporated in his Introduction to Afro-Cuban Percussion course and performance group Ensemble Congeros.  

Professor Knowles explained that EMPAC represents the nexus where science, technology, cultures and the arts are joined.  “As a platform, EMPAC makes a statement about who we are as an institution and the importance of the arts and music within the total educational experience,” Knowles commented.  He recalled a November 2012 Ensemble Congeros performance at EMPAC, entitled Chasing the Rhythms, that had audience members "dancing in their seats" and entranced by the smooth sounds of the conga drums, shekeres and cowbells.

The interview also covered Dr. Knowles extensive travels beyond the U.S., including Cuba, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti and parts of Europe, which influence both his curriculum and his performances; and the new ensemble, Roots of Africa, that he is creating this Fall for students students who excel in his introductory course.

Currently Dr. Knowles is working to develop folkloric study tours to Cuba, Africa and Brazil.

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March 28, 1977
March 28, 2018 7:00 PM
Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Studio 1

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