Rave Reviews for "Spontaneous Suites for Two Pianos" by Arts Prof David Arner & Connie Crothers

Rave Reviews for "Spontaneous Suites for Two Pianos" by Arts Prof David Arner & Connie Crothers

Date posted: 2013-04-23 17:37:02

"Anyone who follows dual keyboardists like Radu Lupu and Murray Perahia or Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson will be staggered by the work here. Completely improvised, the nine interlocking suites expose almost all variations of what can be extracted from 176 keys. Technical wizardry plus jazz inflections are apparent in the playing of Connie Crothers and David Arner, yet focussed reductionism as well as spontaneity is also on tap. ...  One of the finest improvisational pianistic moments we have experienced in recorded form to date, to my mind.  Do not let this one slip by.  It will repay your attention with an enthralling sublimity."  — Gapplegate Music Review, online

"It’s hard to get used to the idea that this is all spontaneously made rather than organized and in some measure pre-set. What has happened is that the two musicians have constructed a vivid, one-use-only musical language, a singleton rhetoric for duo playing that is entirely self-sustaining. Such a thing ought to be, if not forbidding, then at least exclusive, but there is real and deep pleasure in hearing two musicians of this caliber talking through the arcane and technical matter of their craft."  — Point of Departure, online

"Exceptional pianists...hints of Alban Berg, Cecil Taylor, Anton Webern, and the blues."  — Cadence Magazine

"[Crothers and Arner] have given birth to an intense improvised narrative, in which the seamless interaction between the two instruments is continuously reinforced by an inexorable thread of continuity."  — All About Jazz, Italy

"Spontanoues Suites for Two Pianos,"  a 4-CD boxed set on the RogueArt label by RPI Arts professor David Arner and Connie Crothers, has been named 

#1 Album of the year  –  Rhapsody Jazz Critics Poll, Ken Weiss (Jazz Inside, Cadence Magazine)

#2 Album of the year – Rhapsody Jazz Critics Poll, Alain Drouot (Downbeat Magazine)

#4 Album of the year –  Jazz Corner Top Ten Lists, Pat Frisco (WHFR-FM, Dearborn/Detroit)

Named one of the top 25 Instrumental CDs of 2012 by Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC

Connie Crothers and David Arner on the unique creative process behind "Spontaneous Suites for Two Pianos:"  "It was magical from the beginning. The music seemed to create itself" "We trusted our spontaneity, our intuitive logic, our sense of form." "We had no set tempos, no preconception about soloing or accompanying." "We had no set themes or referents. What we did have was complete trust, in each other and in the music." "Playing through the day, we recorded twenty-eight pieces. We did listen together for many months, before we accepted that the entire recording session produced a single, cohesive work." "During the recording session, we switched pianos every two to four improvisations. Listening back, we discovered that we had created distinct suites of pieces each time we traded pianos." "These four CDs present the entire recording session, in order, from our first note to the last note."