Media Studio Laboratory

Media Studio Laboratory

West Hall -211

This lab is a large multipurpose classroom that supports lectures and courses such as Media Studio audio video, as well as special presentations and installations. There are several Mac workstations at the back of the room used for graphics work.




  • 8 iMac workstations
  • 3 Epson scanners
  • HD LCD Projection system with Sound System
  • Teacher podium with MacPro Desktop computer system
  • Video monitor on cart for media studio camera work
  • Writing tablets.


  • Adobe CS6 Master Suite
  • Toast 11
  • MS office
  • Final Cut Studio 7
Current room status
OPEN: Card access required. The reserve time in this space please use the scheduling link below and select "schedule room" fill in the date and starting time. Please limit your session to 4 hours on each day. To report a problem or if you have a question about this space please e-mail us