Intermediate Computer Music Laboratory

Intermediate Computer Music Laboratory

West Hall -110

This is an undergraduate electronic music classroom used for the teaching and production of electronic computer music and other special audio and interactive art topics courses. The workstations consist of Apple Mac Pro Towers with Pro Tools Mbox Pro Interfaces. A full suite of software consist of LIVE 9 Suite, MAX/MSP, Reason 6, Pro Tools 11, Audacity and other programs.



  • 6 Apple Mac Pro workstations
  • LCD Projection system
  • Mackie studio monitoring system
  • M-audio Keyrig 25 musical interface
  • Ableton PUSH midi controllers are availabe for check out in the equipment room for students enrolled into Computer Music Courses.


  • OSX 10.8.5
  • Protools 11
  • Reason 6
  • LIVE 9 Suite includes MAX for LIVE
  • MAX 6.1
  • Audacity
Current room status
OPEN: Card access required for those who are enrolled into an Arts Course using this studio. Arts Graduate students automatically have card access. To report a problem or if you have a question about this space please e-mail us