Advanced Computer Music Production Studio

Advanced Computer Music Production Studio

West Hall -410

This single workstation studio is an advanced digital audio and video post-production system focused primarily on multi track audio via Pro-Tools. Graduates and advanced level users have the ability to post produce multi track audio and video including 5.1 surround sound tracks.  This studio is open to graduate level users, visiting artists and advanced select undergraduate students.


•    Mac G5 workstation with dual monitor display
•    Digidesign Pro Tools HD OMNI

•    Genelec Studio monitors (5.1 surround)
•    M-audio Keystation pro 88 keyboard


•    Pro Tools HD 11
•    Reason 3.0
•    MAX 6  

•    LIVE 9 w/max for live
•    Adobe CS cloud

Current room status
OPEN: Card access required. To reserve time in this space please use the scheduling link below and select "schedule room," then fill in the date and starting time. Please limit your session to 4 hours on each day. To report a problem or if you have a question about this space please e-mail us at