Multi Media Studio

Multi Media Studio

West Hall -118

The Multi Media studio is ready to support a variety of multi channel sound field projects and courses. This studio is a black "space" environment. A pipe grid allows for the rigging of sound speakers, projection systems, lighting and other audio video equipment.  This studio includes high speed network connectivity with multiple network connections. An LCD Projection system is installed and ready for use from either a laptop or the room's main desktop computer.

•    Mac G5 workstation with dual monitor display.
•    Mackie 8 bus analog audio mixing console.
•    Tannoy 8 channel sound monitor system.
•    Sanyo high performance LCD Projection system and screen.
•    Ceiling pipe grid with can style lighting fixtures

•    Multiple hard wired network ports.

•    OSX 10.6
•    Pro Tools

•    MAX 5. For the latest instruction set visit:

Current room status
OPEN: Card access required. The reserve time in this space please use the scheduling link below and select "schedule room" fill in the date and starting time. Please limit your session to 4 hours on each day. To report a problem or if you have a question about this space please e-mail us