Infinity Simulator

Infinity Simulator

EMPAC, Studio 1

May 12, 2011 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Come ride The Ascent, a playful mash-up of theatrics, gaming and mind-control.
 The Ascent is a live-action, theatrical ride experience created for almost anyone to try. Individual riders wear an EEG headset, which reads brainwaves, along with a waist harness, and by marshaling their calm, focus, and concentration, try to levitate themselves thirty feet into the air as a small audience watches from below. The experience is full of obstacles-as a rider ascends via the power of concentration, sound and light also respond to brain activity, creating a storm of stimuli that conspires to distract the rider from achieving the goal: levitating into "transcendence." The paradox is that in order to succeed, you need to release your desire for achievement, and contend with what might be the biggest obstacle: yourself.

Theater Artist and Experience Designer Yehuda Duenyas (XXXY) presents his MFA Thesis project The Ascent, and its operating platform the Infinity System, a new user driven experience created specifically for EMPAC's automated rigging system.

The Infinity System is a new platform and user interface for 3D flying which combines aspects of thrill-ride, live-action video game, and interactive installation.

Using a unique and intuitive interface, the Infinity System uses 3D rigging to move bodies creatively through space, while employing wearable sensors to manipulate audio and visual content.

Like a live-action stunt-show crossed with a video game, the user is given the superhuman ability to safely and freely fly, leap, bound, flip, run up walls, fall from great heights, swoop, buzz, drop, soar, and otherwise creatively defy gravity.

"The effect is nothing short of movie magic." - Sean Hollister, Engadget  


Click on these links to see the project in action:


Creative director: xxxy (Yehuda Duenyas)

Programming and control systems: Michael Todd

Lighting design: Ben Kato

Sound architecture and programming: Jody Elff

Executive Producer: Jeremy X Halpern  

Produced in conjunction with EMPAC and the Rensselaer Department of the Arts  


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