Wil Lindsay : TimeWorks

Wil Lindsay : TimeWorks

eba Gallery, Albany NY

eba Art Gallery
351 Hudson Ave.
Albany, NY 12210
(Corner of Lark & Hudson)

Exhibition Opening: April 6, 2007 5-9pm (Part of Albany First Friday)
Continued Exhibition: Sunday, April 1st - Saturday, April 28th
Gallery Hours: 4:30pm-8pm Monday-Thursday or by appointment
Information: 518-465-9916 : www.eba-arts.org : www.straytechnologies.com

TimeWorks is a study of the moment compressed. The exhibition includes
images based on a digital photographic process that compresses long
durations into a single frame. The images are presented through several
new and antiquated photographic forms including Victorian Lantern
Slides, Cyanotypes, Tintypes and an unusual process known as the "BreathPrint,"
where the image does not appear until rendered visible by the viewer's
breath. The images are sometimes reminiscent of the familiar images of
Eadweard Muybridge. At other times they take on a spectral quality,
expressing the individual as a mere faded mark, passing through the
world around us.

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