Everything You Always Wanted to Know About "The East" But Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About "The East" But Were Afraid To Ask

51 3rd Street, Troy, NY 12180

May 8, 2007 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

with live performances by

"the jesse stiles 3000"

"Doestoevsky's Pistols"

DJ joro-boro from the Bulgarian Bar in NYC

Boryana Rossa/Oleg Mavromatti


Contact: Boryana Rossa, 518-9613376, bori999@yahoo.com



The intention of this show is to expose artistic/political practices that are not very well known in the U.S.;  to challenge some stereotypes about Eastern Europe and what the "freedom of expression" is worldwide.

Artists from Russia, Bulgaria and Estonia use their bodies to talk about issues of gender, religious, national and political identity in the "young" democracies. Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti will perform live "True Love" presented for the first time at Exit Art, NY, March 2007.


Music Party:

Subverting the flow of corporate imperialism, joro-boro imports the sound of the world as ethnomesh - a mix of gypsypunk, balkan dancehall, booty bhangra, favela turbo funk, bandari beats, sonidero cumbia, techno brass q-check and whatever else is needed to detonate a global wedding party where everybody is related.


More about the show:

Most of the works presented are public interventions and performances.

Made primarily in the nineties--time of dramatic changes for most of the countries of the communist block—they provoked polarized reactions in the Eastern European societies and the media.

These works have been also exhibited in Western countries like Germany, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and many others. Some of them have been presented in important international forums like the exhibition Body and the East - From the 1960s to the Present, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EXIT Art, New York; BLOOD: Lines and Connections, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, After the Wall - Art and culture in post-Communist Europe, Moderna Museet, Stockholm and others.


Artists in the show include:

Absolute Love Sect (SAL), Daniela Kostova, Elena Kovylina, Expropriation of the Territory of Art (ETI), Emperor Wawa, Georgy Toushev, Houben Cherkelov, Kai Kaljo, Rassim, Ultrafuturo (Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti, Anton Terziev, Katia Damianova, Miroslav Dimitrov),Ventsislav Zankov.

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