Undisclosed Locations #1

Undisclosed Locations #1

Green Lantern Gallery in Chicago, IL

March 27, 2009 1:00 PM - April 25, 2009

the exhibition

Without You I am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago will run March 27, 2009 through April 25, 2009 at Green Lantern Gallery in Chicago, IL (with Providence dates to come.) This is an exhibition of works on paper intended not for public consumption but to create small venues for public participation. 

Without You I am Nothing exclusively contains posters that have one or more of the following elements: stuff that falls off (on purpose), windows, parts that move, space for new information, dials, buttons, removable elements, or other user-manipulated, four-dimensional aspects of awesomeness. In other words, [The Interactive Poster Show] will display a wide collection of new, recent, and downright old works on paper that require more from the viewer than merely reading about, memorizing information on, and attending the event described in the poster. These may be malleable, 3-dimensional, tactile, transient, or somehow otherwise inclusive of elements that can move, deteriorate, or be removed; or bits that must be rubbed, poked, ripped, pressed, wettened, prodded, or yanked to achieve full poster satisfaction.

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