teleJAM: open your ears to the possibilities

teleJAM: open your ears to the possibilities

EMPAC Studio 1

April 30, 2009 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM


A 16-piece drum circle controlled over the Web by people playing simultaneously from around the world.

Aerial combat, pong, and tank battle games controlled by vocal and instrumental music.

Music composed from impulse responses within players' mouths.

Expand the realm of what you thought possible with the music of the Tintinnabulate ensemble. Led by renowned musician Pauline Oliveros, Tintinnabulate improvises musical pieces from a wide variety of voices, instruments, and other objects. On April 30, EMPAC's Studio 1 will be the home for an eclectic mix of performances that bring people together, even from thousands of miles away.

DOORS OPEN at 7 pm. The show starts at 7:30 pm!


1) Telematic performance with Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

2) Telematic Drum Circle (, Byeong Sam Jeon)

3) Combat Music (Cristyn Magnus)

4) Laryngeal Music (Anne Guthrie)

5) Tintinnabulate Improvisation (All)



Pauline Oliveros, Director

Luke Noonan - Guitar, Vocals

Shane Myrbeck - Guitar, Vocals

Jonas Braasch - Soprano Saxophone

Pauline Oliveros - Accordion

David Rhoderick - Electronics, Vocals

Brian Zaik - Electronics, Objects

Cristyn Magnus - Objects, Vocals

Douglas Van Nort - Electronics, Vocals

Blair Neal - Video, Vocals

Whitney Coleman - Keyboards, Vocals

Anne Guthrie - French horn



Scott Deal, Director

David Burford, percussion, computer manipulation

Charlie Olvera, percussion

Nick Hartgrove, percussion

Imsup Shim, camera

Guest performer, John Vander Gehynst, Trumpet

Special Thanks to EMPAC and the Arts Department for their support and help in producing this event.

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