SWOON and Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea

SWOON and Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea

Riverfront Park, Troy, NY (Downtown)

August 15, 2008 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


TROY, NEW YORK -- (August 15, 2008) Artist SWOON's "Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea," a fleet of seven intricately crafted boats fashioned out of scrap wood and other salvaged materials, will give it's inaugural performance at 8pm performance in the Downtown Troy Riverfront Park on a voyage down the Hudson River from Troy, NY to Deitch Studios in Long Island City, Queens. The performance, guided by OBIE award-winning playwright Lisa D'Amour will be delivered from the decks of the vessels and the banks of the river. Each raft is powered with alternative energy sources, including bio-fuels and solar power. SWOON's larger-than-life "invented landscape" installation at Deitch Studios will receive the fleet September 7.  The show opens to the public that day. The event is presented in partnership with the Arts Center of the Capital Region.

SWOON is a Brooklyn-based street artist who creates life-sized portraits of people she meets, using woodcut block prints and paper cutouts. SWOON's galleries are city walls, often in the environments that inspired the prints. Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea is SWOON's second solo exhibition with Deitch Projects. She is an international artist with major pieces in the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Inspired by influences ranging from German Expressionist wood block prints to Indonesian shadow puppets, SWOON is a master of using cut paper to play with positive and negative space to create conceptually driven explorations of urban street environments.

On this project SWOON collaborates with playwright Lisa D'Amour whose performance draws up the many possible narratives and myths that might surround the vessels, the crew and the journey. SWOON also teams up with circus composer Sxip Shirey, Kinetic Steam Works from San Francisco, the band Dark Dark Dark (accordion, cello, upright bass, banjo) and Hudson River advocacy groups as the boats float down the river.

In the summer of 2006, SWOON and the Miss Rockaway Armada launched a similar project on the Mississippi river. The project was covered by dozens of local newspapers, radio, and television stations, and was featured in The New York Times and a number other national publications. The rafts -- made out of recycled materials from New York City, New Orleans and San Francisco -- floated for two summers and traveled approximately 800 river miles. More info at www.missrockaway.org.

"Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea" is a two-part exhibit merging SWOON's newest portraits, found objects of urban decay and a sculptural floating city. Please see the website www.switchbacksea.org for more tour dates.



For information on SWOON and Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, contact A'yen Tran at ayen@switchbacksea.org. Deitch Studios is located at 4-40 44th Drive, Long Island City, NY

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