Woodside Church, 71 Mill Street, Troy NY

May 3, 2009 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Rensselaer Arts Department presents:


Graduate Show 2009. Please join a dozen artists for a multimedia group show inside, outside, and all around 71 Mill Street in South Troy. The show features installations, live improvisations, and new videos by students in the Rensselaer graduate program in integrated electronic arts.

For the off-campus show, Rensselaer students have created site specific works for display. Expect outdoor projections and riverside films. And more.

Opening Reception: 5pm
Screenings and Performances: 7pm

Installations will stay up through May 10

Like foul-mouthed junkyard grandmas, Machinima propaganda, and a video game that tests your ability to overcome economic crisis. You'll see projects set in orchards in Vermont and forsaken neighborhoods in Chicago.

It doesn't stop there. Witness a message for the Dutch Prince! 

Experience five conversations at once! Heal yourself out of a vending machine! Hear shout outs to Steve Reich! Babel Fish!

OK, stop. We know what you're thinking: Why is the show called Squirrel!? The answers are as varied as the work you'll see. For some, the title is an homage to the *other* creatures that inhabit Rensselaer's West Hall. Others have more personal reasons. One artist recalls from his childhood a particularly grotesque scene involving squirrel torture and karmic retribution.  Says another, "Squirrel or Nothing!"

You can find out what all of this means at the show. On Sunday, May 3, please join us at 71 Mill Street. You can look at things, eat, and talk with folks between 5 and 7. Then, at 7 p.m., performances and a 45-minute program of short films and videos begin.

Don't tell everyone, but we are also serving delicious homemade food and drinks. For free!

Who, exactly, are we? Well, we are the electronic arts program, and we make stuff using all kinds of electronic media. We're all about social activism, gaming, bioart, documentary video, immersive environments, performance art, and sound.

For more information, please call (518) 276-4778.  


Todd Chandler is a filmmaker and musician. He is currently working on Flood, an experimental feature film.

Kyle deCamp is based in NYC, makes and performs interdisciplinary works.

Victoria Kereszi makes documentary portraits of women who take control of their own representation and deconstruct notions of reality and nostalgia.

Stephanie Loveless works with sound, video, voice, and other people.

Kyle McDonald keeps his inner conceptual artist at bay with a healthy dose of code, tea, and tonal music.

EE Miller is an interdisciplinary conversationalist who makes radio, video, and installation.

Blair Neal likes music. He also likes video. He really likes trying to shove the two together and forcing them to play nice.

lol. paolo pedercini aka molleindustria. wrk in ny and study@RPI. in italy b4. grad soon. doin koo games. gogl me srsly.

Rob Ray is driving towards those little tiny dots on the landscape.

Boryana Rossa is an interdisciplinary artist, whose works are dedicated to human/machine identities and their socio/technological interactions.

Jeff Stark writes short, choppy sentences.

Rebecca Weisman is a sound, video, and installation artist from Vermont whose work deals with ecology, language, unified fields, and post-dog dog art.

Adam Zaretsky is a artist working in Biology and Art Wet Lab Practice.

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