Reverse Vertigo

Reverse Vertigo

West Hall, RPI Campus

December 12, 2010 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

The controversial, smart, and sexy RPI Electronic Arts PHD and MFA Graduates will present their newest cutting edge work in a group show entitled "Reverse Vertigo" on Sunday the 12th of December, 2010 at West Hall on the RPI Campus from 4pm–7pm.

One of the top mixed-media arts departments in the country, RPI EArts and the iEAR studios have courted contention and praise as leaders on the forefront of electronic arts, mixed media, video, performance, bio-art, design, engineering and emergent technologies. See works by leading artists in the field ranging from experimental game design, to living installations to live broadcasts of camp burlesque.

Works will be shown by:

Heidi Boisvert

A new media artist, experimental filmmaker, writer and educator whose work excavatesissues of mental colonization and the variegated ways in which organized power threatens independent action and thought. Currently the Multi-Media Director at Breakthrough, she oversees the production of media projects that address pressing social issues. Her film, theatre and interactive projects inhabit various cultures, human psyches and alternate time periods to cultivate a deeper understanding of the socio-political forces that underlie cultural practices and social development.

Project 1:
ICED! I Can End Deportation (2008) is a 3D role playing game which teaches the player about the current U.S. policies around immigration that destroy families and violate fundamental human rights. ICED enables the player to inhabit the precarious day-to-day experiences of an immigrant living with the constant threat of detention, and deportation.

Project 2:
Stitch, Cut & Die (2009) is a 3D role playing game set in black & white, invoking film noir conventions. The player assumes the role of a journalist, who is covering an exploited labor story about third country nationals at an airbase in Iraq, but comes across another, more surreptitious crime--body trafficking--which takes her on a journey through a Chinese factory where bodies are prepared for public spectacle to a U.S. adult skin stem cell research lab.

Alejandro Borsani

An Argentinean artist living and working in Troy. Borsani holds an MFA in New Media Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BA in Film Studies from the University of Buenos Aires. His work is an active exploration of the nature of perception and media representation.

90° S: A flashlight moves around a circular surface covered by a white dust-like material. The position of the flashlight and its motion renders a complex game of shadows. Water is gradually poured into the white dust over the circular surface provoking a constantly changing landscape.

Sena Clara Creston

An interactive kinetic sculptor from New York City. She uses robotics, electronics, found material and re-appropriated machinery to construct her sculpture and environments. Her  pieces use movement to imply a new constructed reality where the viewers' imagination, play, memory and empathy are an integral part in the functionality of the piece.

The Knowhere Machine is an interactive kinetic sculptural installation intended to produce the effect of a simple universal human experience outside of its associated environment. As the rider peddles a bicycle, the cyclical rolls of minimalist scenery are propelled past, mimicking the experience of freedom of a solitary figure riding across the American Mid-West.

Yehuda Duenyas

An experience artist from Los Angeles, he likes to design and construct venues, productions, and events that reenvision how audiences engage with live performance. He is a founding member and co-artistic director of the Obie award-winning collaborative The National Theater of the United States of America and is currently earning his MFA in Electronic Arts at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY where he is developing a new body of interactive performance systems which fuse playful tropes of theater with experimental gaming, simulation, engineering and cognitive science.

"Live from the Sunset Strip (baby!)" will be a video demo of his "smart harness" automated rigging installation, and simultaneous telecast cast from Los Angeles of his upcoming performances with the legendary burlesque artist Ms. Dita Von Teese.

Anna Lindemann

Her work combines animation, music, and performance to tell stories about developmental and evolutionary biology.

Theory of Flight will show animations from her upcoming work which will premiere at EMPAC in April. Theory of Flight focuses on the biological processes involved in wing development and flight, and the transformation of a lecturer who begins to develop wings of her own.

Ellie Markovitch

Has spent over a decade using multimedia to document various aspects of people's lives, including news and feature stories on food, politics, religion, and art. Ellie continues exploring new ways of storytelling. Some of her explorations includes relational art and paths to extend sensory experiences. She uses food as a tool to capture powerful personal histories. She lives in Troy with her husband and two children.

"Cold Boiled Potatoes" is a multimedia installation that reflects on a scene from the novella Life in the Iron Mills by Rebecca Blaine Harding Davis published in 1861. Today, potato crops feed millions of people around the world. As we progress through the age of the third Industrial revolution (aka the information age), potatoes find themselves at the center of the debate about the safety of genetically engineered foods and the dangers of relying on monoculture crops.

Joshua Thorson

Makes his own culture.

"The Sense Ritual," a program Thorson curated for MIX NYC in November, viewers can select which of the 8 videos to watch on a monitor. A rough edit of short excerpt from in  progress feature length video Tell Me Everything, from the section "Investigations of a Dog, Part 1" on a monitor.

Clara Tomaz

An Italian artist exploring themes of humanness, corporeality, language, POV and perception in experimental video, interactive installations and multimedia performance.

"Deviations and Straight Line" is an experimental video on the relationship between human body, language and camera. In this piece the three elements of visuals, soundtrack and narration were developed separately, with no obvious connection to each other, and rhythmically combined in post-production.

"Anticipation" is a collection of sorted footage for an in-progress documentary on a group of actors from the Albany Center for Disability Services preparing a show at the Cohoes Music Hall funded by a Refresh Pepsi Grant.



What: RPI PHD and MFA Electronic Arts Graduate Studio show

Where: West Hall, RPI campus, exhibition starts on the first floor

When: Sunday December 12th, 2010

Time: Galleries and studios open at 4PM, Showtime in the theater starts at 6PM

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