Oscillations: Electronic Arts Graduate Show

Oscillations: Electronic Arts Graduate Show

West Hall, RPI campus

December 11, 2011 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

RPI Electronic Arts PHD and MFA Graduates will present their newest innovative works in a group show entitled Oscillations on Sunday the 11th of December, 2011 at West Hall on the RPI Campus from 4pm–7pm.  One of the top new-media arts departments in the country, RPI EArts and the iEAR studios have courted contention and praise as leaders at the forefront of interactive, electronic, mixed media, video, game, performance and bio art. See works by leading artists in the field ranging from experimental game design to animated installations.

The graduates presenting are as follows:

ALLISON BERKOY is a video and installation artist from Brooklyn and Chicago.  Her spectacles have appeared inside galleries, music venues, theater stages, eateries, garages, a train caboose, and a salvaged Lightship.

Berkoy presents, Rec Room, a multimedia installation.  Viewers enter a realm of relics and remains, projection and spectacle.  Miniature and life-sized video sculptures inhabit scenes of illusion and delusion in varied states of recreation.  Rec Room was originally exhibited this past fall at Lambert Fine Arts Gallery in NYC.

HEIDI BOISVERT is a new media artist, game designer, experimental filmmaker, writer and educator. She was formerly the Multi-Media Director at Breakthrough, where she oversaw the production of a wide range of new media projects that helped raise awareness of pressing social issues. She designed the first 3D social change game, ICED I Can End Deportation, about unfair U.S. immigration policies. Prior to joining Breakthrough, Heidi taught Digital Media & Media Studies at Hunter College, and launched a free digital media program for low-income youth through Time Warner & NOAA funding. Her latest initiative, America 2049, an alternative reality game on Facebook about pluralism is garnering headline attention. Most recently, Heidi founded and serves as the Creative Director of the futurePerfect lab, a boutique creative agency that works with non-profits and educational institutions to develop imaginative and playful applications of integrated media and emerging technology.

Her piece, urbanDrift is a locative media project that combines mobile technology, dogma-style filmmaking, flash fiction, augmented reality and gaming techniques to engage participants in an immersive cinematic journey that re-embodies human experience and re-connects us to place through what the Situationists' coined playful detournement.  Employing database and narrative aesthetics, this viewer/player-controlled experience enables participants to simultaneously become part of an engrossing mystery-adventure while editing a unique version of the story through inventive game strategies and non-linear derives (drifts).  This personalized experience takes participants off their predictable paths, and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape.

ALEJANDRO BORSANI is an Argentinean artist living and working in Troy. Borsani holds an MFA in New Media Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BA in Film Studies from the University of Buenos Aires. His work is an active exploration of the nature of perception and media representation.

His piece, Golden hour is a light installation that appropriates real-time live video from webcams around the world and extracts the color information of each location in the last hour of sunlight of the day. This color information is then mapped into a set of RGB lights in the installation space. By continuously shifting the light color of the gallery according to the atmospheric hue of each remote location, a never-ending sunset will emerge.  The last and first hour of sunlight of each day is known in photography as the golden hour since the quality of the light reaches its most dramatic tones. It is this golden hour that gets recreated over and over in the exhibition space.

SENA CLARA CRESTON is an interactive installation artist from New York City.  She uses robotics, electronics and engineering to create her animated installations out of consumer waste.

Her piece, The Electronic Landscape is an excerpt of an interpretation of landscape animated by discarded VCRs.

ANTON HAND is an interactive digital media artist, and a member of the game design collective RUST, LTD. His work engages notions of physicality and the body in virtual spaces, issues of disempowerment, and expressive simulations.

Corona is an interactive visual poem about energy. It is an exploration of violent natural systems, and their relationships of scale, time, space and sound.

JOSHUA THORSON is an artist, writer, and curator. Thorson's work has been presented internationally in venues that include the Museum of Modern Art [NYC], Rotterdam International Film Festival, CinemaTexas [Austin, TX], Pocket Film Festival [Centre Pompidou, Paris], MIX NYC, American Repertory Theater [Cambridge, MA], The New Museum [NYC], Glass Curtain Gallery [Columbia College, Chicago, IL], EMPAC [Troy, NY], Pleasure Dome [Toronto, ON], Signature Theater [NYC], among others.  Thorson is currently working on a practice-based Ph.D. in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, which, in addition to the dissertation paper, includes a forthcoming feature-length video, a curated program of narrative video works, and a new body of short fiction.

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