MFA Thesis Show: Yael Kanarek

MFA Thesis Show: Yael Kanarek

West Hall Gallery, Room 111


The net art work Object of Desire is part of World of Awe, an ongoing project that tells the story of a traveler who searches for a lost treasure in the parallel world Sunset/Sunrise.

Considering that languages operate as border and a space on the Internet, Object of Desire attempts to collapse these borders into the subjective, fictional world. The chapter is presented in three languages, English, Hebrew and Arabic and its files are distributed over servers in Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Ramallah and New York. The narrative engages themes and motifs born in the Mediterranean and the Near East that still echo in contemporary culture. In Object of Desire, I asked myself whether there is relavance in a media space that resists the draft into current conflicts, and whether a poetic space can support disarmament.

The project is in beta, please don't distribute (Zulmalina, por favor!).
You can enter from a few locations:

New York: />Ramallah: />Tel Aviv: />
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