Kathy High's "Death Down Under"

Kathy High's "Death Down Under"

EMPAC, Theater

March 6, 2012 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

A talk by Kathy High will introduce her bioarts practice and will be followed by a screening of a new video documentary entitled "Death Down Under".

"Death Down Under" is a documentary video about death and decay, and eco-friendly or 'green' burials. "Death Down Under" was shot in Western Australia and follows the collaboration of a young fashion designer/artist, Pia Interlandi, and a forensic scientist, Ian Dadour. An experimental research project was created between them, allowing Pia to test out her fashion-for-the-dead and Ian, an entomologist who studies human homicide, to research clothing decay on dead victims. Pia and Ian had to amass a team to wash, dress and bury 21 dead pigs on a kangaroo reserve. Then they dug up the remains to examine the decay of the ritual burial garments. "Death Down Under" follows the entire process from gathering the slaughtered pigs to the results in the laboratory. This video looks at our care for the dead - be they human or non-human animals and also brings  to light ideas of green burials and the ecology of death.

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