IRT: A Tragedy in Three Stations

IRT: A Tragedy in Three Stations

NYC Subway

January 29, 2009 9:00 PM - February 7, 2009

A site-specific, live-action show about building New York's electric railroad, played out live in the New York City subway. The audience follows the actors in and out of train cars and across platforms as our story hurtles through the city. 

In 2004 two subway workers discover love letters written in an obscure corner of a crumbling IRT station. The action speeds back to 1904. Union carpenter Thomas Fowler squares off against subway financier August Belmont. An altruistic nurse, Clara, ignites another passion in Fowler. Can the two of them stop a careless machine? Will reckless love spoil Belmont's plans? Who's writing in the tunnels? And why? 

Our actors auditioned and rehearsed the entire show in the New York City subway over the last two months. Our crews rode trains with stopwatches and note pads. We recorded in tunnels and researched volumes of subway history and lore. 

Full period costumes. Custom traveling sets. Mobile lighting. Live music. This is live theater in transit.

Starring Tyler Caffall, Catherine Yeager, James E. Ford, Gaylen Hamilton, Michele Carlo, and licensed New York City tour guide Julie Wiener. Sets by Robin Frohardt. Costumes by Sarah McMillan and Violette Olympia. Lighting by Jonathan Jacobson. Music by Mikey Freedom Hart and Sarah Alden. Written and directed by Jeff Stark. 

Love is for heroes. Risk everything. Make your mark. 

Limited tickets go on sale Friday, January 23 at noon. RSVP for tickets and address. 

January 29,30,31 and February 4,5,6
New York City Subway
9pm $10

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