Harmony Mills Mandala: Spindle Threads of Sonic Illumination

Harmony Mills Mandala: Spindle Threads of Sonic Illumination

October 22, 2006 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Harmony Mills
100 N. Mohawk Street
Cohoes, NY

Go to main Mills #1, middle section under towers.
Follow yellow signs: "leasing agent on site" (here is also wheelchair access).
There is ample parking across the street.

Phone weekdays: 518-276-4829
Email inquiries: improVocals@gmail.com

Come to see the illuminating of the Harmony Mills Mandala! Performance artist Caterina De Re (your Spindle Diva) and her menagerie of internationally acclaimed musicians and performers will awaken the history of this historic space with a multimedia pilgrimage spanning time and space, from Australia and the Himalayas to the edge of Cohoes Falls.

"Art is Harmony"
- Georges-Pierre Seurat, 1890

Harmony Mills, once the largest individual cotton mills in the world, is rich with ghosts of the past. More than a millennium ago, Cohoes Falls was instrumental to the Iroquois (the Haudenosaunee) forming the world's oldest democracy of the Five Nations. A prehistoric mastodon was unearthed here in 1866. Throughout the late 1800s, women and children working long hours at this mill became part of the crucial labor movement that led to contemporary labor laws.

For the first time in centuries, you can be a witness to these voices. In her last performance before fleeing the Northeast, the Spindle Diva gives you the opportunity to experience a local historic space as never before.

**This is a cotton mills experience—no chairs are available on-site, so please bring a comfortable seat--cotton preferred. Dress casually for warmth.**


"De Re's vocals create intense acoustical auras that propel the audience into an art of otherness."
- STELARC, Internationally celebrated Performance Artist

"With great subtlety Caterina's voice and performance style run the gamut from the sublime and meditative to the uncanny and eerie."
- Moira Roth, Trefethen Professor of Art History at Mills College, CA

"…the astonishing Australian improvisatory vocalist Caterina De Re…"
- Greg Haymes, Times Union

DETAILS and updates here:

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Albaraki, 184 River Street, Troy, 270 9404
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Spirits of Troy Wine and Liquor, 75 Ferry Street, Troy

Caterina De Re, Spindle Diva, Vocals
Michael Pestel, Birdmachine
Elizabeth Panzer: Weaver of Delicate Threads, Harp
C. Ryder Cooley, Dream Spinner, Accordion & Singing Saw
Brandon Seekins, Electronic Lord, Electro Acoustics
Andre O'Neil, Stringed Baron, Baroque Cello
Chuck Johnson, Pilgrim Punk, Electro Acoustics
Boryana Rossa, Robot Bobbin of Light, Projection
Jung Yoon Lee, Extra Spindle, Projection
Vodstrup, Warped Machinemensch, Programmer
Tall Tom and Mill Tom, Tom Van Waardhuizen and Tom Livoti, Concierges

Julian Foy, Child Laborer
The Cohoesier Historian, Voice of the Past
Mohawk Voice, Voice of Tom Sakokwenionkwas Porter (with his permission)

CATERINA DE RE is an Australian experimental composer, vocalist, and video artist. Given her extraordinary vocal range, she has a particular affinity with birdsong and has sung at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh as well as the Aviary in Manhattan. She has collaborated with a variety of international improvisers and experimenters including Peter Kowald, Butch Morris, and the German group, Strafe FR. She is passionate about community events that "voice" the spirit of the land, the people, and all beings. The extraordinary energy of Cohoes in upstate New York deeply moved her. Its magical confluence of past voices ripped at her heart, yearning an offering of sound and vocals in a manner never done before on the site.

Artist and musician MICHAEL PESTEL has performed, exhibited and lectured throughout the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia. For the past 15 years he has studied music with birds throughout the world.   He has performed on flutes, contr'alto clarinet, prepared harpsichord, violaire and birdmachine in aviaries, urban parks and wild places - most notably with Australian lyrebirds, New Guinea coral-billed ground cuckoos, Baltic sprosser thrushes, Canary Island lesser short-toed larks, and an endangered species of Birdwoman about to flee the northeast.

BRANDON SEEKINS is a New York based sound artist, improvisational noisemaker and programmer developing new and intuitive systems for multimedia performance. He has worked in improvisation, drone and sound scape, field recording, and noise to find a balance between introspective and reactive music.

ELIZABETH PANZER is a harpist, improviser, composer, acoustic designer/specialist. She has had an extensive performance career in a variety of styles from classical, Celtic, as well as improvisation. She has performed with Anthony Braxton, Butch Morris, Reggie Workman, Paul Bley, Gary Peacock, Bobbie Previte, and Susie Ibarra.

Baroque cellist ANDRÉ LAURENT O'NEIL has performed extensively on both sides of the Atlantic including Holland, Spain, Italy, and the USA. André O'Neil has drawn attention for his unaccompanied cello performances, juxtaposing Bach suites with twentieth-century works of similar scale.

C. RYDER COOLEY is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician from San Francisco where she performed and recorded with numerous bands and ensembles. Ryder has performed accordion apparitions at fountains and turrets around Tabor, Czech Republic, as well as hovering above and below bridges in Vermont and Massachusetts. As an accordionist, Ryder Cooley is infinitely inspired by fluttering sounds of hummingbirds and vintage folk music from Eastern Europe .

CHUCK JOHNSON is a musician and composer residing in North Carolina. During the past decade he has worked in improvised music, experimental rock, traditional forms, music for film, sound installation, field recording and electronic music.

TOM VAN WAARDHUIZEN is a crazy yogi (and he is tall).

THE COHOESIER HISTORIAN has kindly agreed to be the Voice of the Past

TOM SAKOKWENIONKWAS PORTER is the Spiritual Leader of the Mohawk Community of Kanatsiohareke in Fonda, New York. A member of the Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne, he has served in numerous positions with the Mohawk Nation Chiefs Council. He has kindly given permission for his voice to be heard.

BORYANA ROSSA makes photographs, movies, artistic actions and combinations of all these. Her videos have been shown internationally in Graz, Cairo, Moscow, and Vienna. With Oleg Mavromatti, they are members of the ULTRAFUTURO Group, an international group which works in the intersection of technology, ethics and human/machine identity.

OLEG MAVROMATTI is an interdisciplinary artist, who works in the fields of performance, installation, film, video and computer animation. An outstanding representative of the Moscow radical art and a founder of the Supernova Film Union.

DANIELA KOSTOVA is an exceptional Bulgarian video artist and an amazing supportive person.

JUNG YOON LEE makes visual displays to present specific elements that compose the complex visual environment.  She is interested in allowing the viewers to perceive their perception through pure sensation.

Note: This presentation fulfills part of the thesis requirement for the MFA program at RPI.

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