Other's Concept

Other's Concept

West Hall, First floor, RPI Campus

May 15, 2011 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

One of the top integrated and multidisciplinary arts departments in the country, RPI Arts Department and the iEAR Studios have courted contention and praise as leaders on the forefront of electronic arts, mixed media, video, performance, bio-art, design, engineering and emergent technologies. See works by leading artists in the field ranging from Food Art, Video Experimentations, Installations, Living Environment, Found Objects and Social Media.

Galleries and studios will open at 5pm and a screening in the auditorium will begin at 6pm. Refreshments will be served.

Featured Artists

Alejandro Borsani  is an Argentinean artist living and working in Troy. Borsani holds an MFA in New Media Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BA in Film Studies from the University of Buenos Aires. His work is an active exploration of the nature of perception and media representation.

The Fly Morgue (2011)
by: Alejandro Borsani and Soyo Lee, Commissioned by the Center for PostNatural History, Pittsburg.
Fruit flies (Drosphila melanogaster) are one of the most common model organisms in life science research. Male fruit flies which are significantly smaller in size compared to females are often discarded in soap water instead of being used as experimental material. The Fly Morgue is a display case showing 36 transgenic male fruit flies that were collected from a soap water bottle or "fly morgue" at Rensselaer. The piece references the conventional method in which organisms are collected, preserved and cataloged in Natural History museums. Through a custom made lighting system - in which each source of light was hand made - every fly has its own light rendering a subtle intensity variation as an attempt to point out the individuality of each fly.

Sena Clara Creston is an interactive installation artist from New York City.  She uses robotics, electronics, found material and re-appropriated machinery to construct her sculptural environments. Her pieces use movement to imply a new constructed reality where the viewers' imagination, play, memory and empathy are an integral part in the functionality of the piece.

Spinner Dress
is an installation in which the viewers' interaction with the piece dictates the reactionary sound and movement.   The piece is comprised of a dress reminiscent of the dresses worn by the Spinners, who would take vows of celibacy, attend Grateful Dead concerts and spin around as a form of worship.  The dress, which is made from material woven from Grateful Dead concert bootleg cassette tapes, spins as the viewer approaches.  The viewer has the opportunity to "play" the spinning dress using special gloves embedded with magnetic tape readers.

Soyo Lee is a PhD student who is investigating the role of acculturation in the establishment of contemporary artistic identity. She is currently making historical reproductions of biomedical experiments as art, in order to understand how the moral and technical status of lifeforms are established according to their social value.

::The Onion Lab @ The Rensselaer BioArt Initiative:: will be open to public!
The Onion Lab is a place for those who are interested in developing art and biology projects to meet, work, and do research together. The lab space is currently prepared for plant based works - the Onion is our greenhouse. Please stop by and explore!

Kathy High, Boryana Rossa, Adam Zaretsky and Soyo Lee
Location: West Hall G13 (basement)

Ellie Markovitch is an interdisciplinary artist whose explorations include social sculptures, performance, video, and paths to extend sensory experiences . She uses food as a starting point for conversations. She created the website storycooking.com as a place to capture reflections on the roles of food in our lives, the impact of food on community, and explore people's relationships with cooking and eating. She lives in Troy, New York with her husband and two children.

Brown Bag
is a food portrait and an instructional piece created based on input from a recent Food and Memory Workshop led by Ellie.  The audience will be invited to eat and share.

Boryana Rossa is an interdisciplinary artist who works in the fields of electronic arts, film, video, performance and photography. Her works have been shown at respected museums and venues such as Brooklyn Museum, NY, 2nd Moscow Biennial, Kairo Biennial, Akademie der Kunste, Kunstwerke, Berlin, Museum of Contemporary art (MUMOK) Vienna; Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, 1st Balkan Biennial, Thessaloniki, National Gallery of Arts, Sofia etc. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation.

Gender after the Cold War
, work in progress, is a dual channel video installation
This video is part of my doctorate work. Only two episodes (in progress) from the whole work will be presented.

My research is focused on Cross-cultural examination of socialist and post-socialist gender representations viewed through Soviet, Russian and Bulgarian film re-enactments. The reenactments presented at this screening are of episodes from 1967th "Daisies," by Czechoslovakian film director Vera Chytilova, 2008th "Hipsters" by Russian director Valeriy Todorovskiy and a mix of instructional films from MacCarthy/Stalinist era.

Joshua Thorson is a Ph.D. Candidate in Electronic Arts

Memory Loss (
2011) found photograph slideshow (video test version).
The photos, found on New York City sidewalks and streets, date between 9/11/2001 until they disappeared, the gradual replacement of physical memory with the digital intangible.

Clara Tomaz is an Italian new media artist producing videos and installations on themes of perception and POV. She poses anthropological inquiries into areas of handicap, disability, life-threatening diseases, and corporeality in general. Her areas of interest are video art, new media arts, experimental and documentary filmmaking, voice and text music, linguistics, ethnographic studies, bio-cybernetics. 

Selected Video Work
is a collection of excerpts from an in-progress documentary on a group of differently-abled actors putting "Christmas Carol" on stage and "Helen Keller", the product of an animation workshop with first graders.

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