GameFest 2010 Showcase

GameFest 2010 Showcase

EMPAC Theater

May 11, 2010 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

GameFest 2010 will showcase the exciting work of students from our Game Development and Experimental Game Design classes. Come see, hear, and fly through projects ranging from a surreal underwater world simulation generated in real time in C# with the XNA Framework, to a co-operative "social learning" platformer in C++, to a high action 3d Unity same-sex relationship game, to an engaging 3D interactive face API  PTSD game for children who are afraid of the dark. Experience a different kind of  first person shooter set inside of a burning apartment building as you play as a firefighter who must extinguish fires and rescue trapped people as the real becomes Unreal. Experience a real time strategy game from a side-view using advanced path finding algorithms to jump and climb through amazing graphics. Interact in an action puzzle game with an experimental motion-based interface that encourages natural player interaction and cooperation using Unity3D and ARToolkit. See a 3D modeling project that resonates new ideas about beauty and realism! Explore a prototype of a 360 degree 3D environment using a flying harness where users can safely explore widely varied environments, from the depths of the oceans to the greatest heights on earth.

Additional details can be found on the GameFest 2010 webpage

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