Collar Works Gallery, 444 River Street, 3rd Floor, Troy NY 12180

March 25, 2011 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

High's featured works include a new video "Lily Does Derrida: a dog's video essay" and other stuff.

How do we think about animals? Or rather - how do our animal companions think? How can we imagine the lives of our (non-human) animal friends? Come see new works by K.High about companion animal relations, and interspecies communication. The exhibition includes a video essay by Lily Dog, who comments on human-animal relations, entitled Lily Does Derrida. Lily Dog looks at Derrida's writings and makes a case about how human and non-human understand each other – or not – based on her own life and adventures. Jacques Derrida was interested in animal consciousness and animal subjectivity, and he wrote about them both in The Animal That Therefore I Am. Also included in "Failure" are photographs and sculpture relating to the mishaps of animals.

Featured Artists:
Kathy High, Derek Paul Boyle, Mindy McDaniel, Tim Barker

Artists contributing to the Wall of Shame:
Brian Mungavin, Jennifer Hunold, Jenny Kemp, Suzanne June Boatenreiter, Greg Skochko, a group of 7th graders from Brooklyn, and...
Add to the Wall of Shame by bringing a photo, letter, songs, etc. about a moment of failure.

Curated by: Yaminay N. Chaudrhi


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