Department of the Arts, MFA Show

Department of the Arts, MFA Show

West Hall, RPI Campus


The Beginning of winter is again upon us.  We cordially invite you to come listen, see, and feel the work of current graduate students in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute masters program in integrated electronic arts on Sunday, December 9 from 5-9:00 PM in West Hall, RPI Campus, Troy, NY.  From experimental short video, to multi-channel, electroacoustic compositions, and installation work ranging in theme from bees and nature, to hospitals and the Mississippi river, this is surely an event sure to enrapture your senses.  Refreshments will be served.  The event is FREE and open to the public.


Event:  MFA New Works Exhibit
Date:  Sunday, December 9, 2007
Time:  5-8 PM installations & gallery viewing; 8 PM auditorium show
Place:  West Hall, RPI Campus, Troy, NY (with parking for the event in the West Lot off of Sage Avenue just west of 15th Street)


Ethan Bach
"Reclaiming the Pieces" is a documentary film that walks us through the lives of a diverse population of transgendered people who have found their sense of place in their community. This film will be shown as a work in progress. 

Ethan Bach is a digital video artist, documentary videographer, and interactive installation artist.

Todd Chandler
Oral histories from small towns along upper Mississippi river, fictional video shorts about coming floods, photographs of liminal spaces post-industry and pre-development, and found film footage spanning four generations are combined to create a layered environment. Visitors are invited to dig through debris from abandoned buildings, forgotten maps, and obsolete technologies to piece together stories from the past and future. This is the first of a series of multimedia installations that use documentary, experimental narrative video, and personal history to explore both the devastation of environmental and economic collapse and the possibilities for re-imagining the world its wake. 

Todd Chandler is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, musician, and educator. He uses music, audio and video to tell stories contemporary, historical, and imaginary. He has worked extensively with human rights and social justice organizations to create media to be used as a catalyst for dialogue and tool for social change.

Ryder Cooley
In this performative excerpt, an old suitcase becomes a traveling beehive. While the hive body is misunderstood and objectified through reconstructed archival science footage, the performer herself becomes both bee and keeper, oppressor and oppressed, as she turns the smoker in upon herself. Hiveless displacement leads into a migrational journey of body memories, pollinations and searchings.

"Colony Collapse Disorder Radio Series", installation-display by EE Miller and Ryder Cooley previewing excerpts from an upcoming radio series to be aired on WRPI in 2008. For more information about this radio project please visit

Jim Finn
 "The Juche Idea" (Jim Finn, video, 15 min. excerpt)
Inspired by the real-life story of the South Korean director who was kidnapped along with his actress wife in the 70s to bring new life to the North Korean film industry, the film follows Yoon Jung Lee, a video artist invited to work on a North Korean art residency, through interviews, her video art, educational and propaganda films and even a brief sci-fi movie. 

"Jim Finn has made a name for himself...thanks to his feeling for irony and his capacity to shape something new from propaganda, news and other historic images. Not to forget his very dry sense of
humour."   (Rotterdam International Film Festival).

Soyo Lee
1. Charge at the speed of clouds
Love letter and knitted trunk warmer for a traveling elephant
2. Analogical development of butterfly wing flapping behavior
(Work in Progress)
Research documentation

Soyo Lee observes and writes about the development of kinship between living things. She looks for examples in sick animals that are either traveling or lying still at home.

Stephanie Loveless

"Some Day" (9 minutes, 8-channel sound)
Attempts to sing along with an increasingly time-stretched sample of the 1937 Walt Disney song, are composed into a cacophony of voices.

"Torch Song" (6 minutes, video and sound)
An interrogation of a disintegrating loop of a female figure –evoking fan dancer, cabaret performer, cheerleader, and idol of fire and destruction.

Stephanie Loveless is a media artist currently interested in sonic awareness, voice and performance. Her work has been presented in festivals, artist-run centers and museums in North America,  South America and Europe.

Kyle McDonald
An exploration of both intentional and unintentional aural similarities. Automated loop recognition as a tool and mindset.  Seeking shareable truths, guided by paradoxes and interdependencies, conspiring with the cognitive and computational.

EE Miller

"Portraits in Time" (working title), a 5-channel sound installation. 

"Colony Collapse Disorder Radio Series", installation-display by EE  Miller and Ryder Cooley previewing excerpts from an upcoming radio series to be aired on WRPI in 2008. for more information about this collaborative radio project please visit

Collaborating with the dead and the living, EE  Miller produces sound and video.  She is an oral historian, a radio producer, and curator.

Jefferson Pitcher

"The Same Thing Everyday:  an installation based on the reflexive relationship between humans and nature."
Collections of sounds, and objects, both human-made and natural from one location in the woods, visited (almost) daily for several months. 

Jefferson Pitcher is a composer, improviser, sound, and video artist from Berkeley, California. His work in both music and video has focused on the connection that we have to landscape and literature,  how that effects our perception, and the relevance of our daily lives as art.

J. Craig Tompkins

"Medical Expressive"
The hospital is itself a body, one that observes, mediates, and repairs other bodies.  A human body finds easy admittance to the body of the hospital while the hospital body seeks admittance to the human through various invasive and non-invasive technological means. In a way, a round of copulation or cohabitation exists between the  two, human and hospital, each finding admittance to the other. 

J. Craig Tompkins is a second year MFA candidate at RPI. His work is currently concerned with issues surrounding embodiment and medical

Charles Veasey

"Hudson Mohawk Sound Gate"
Electroacoustic Soundscape Research Room

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