Dean Mary Simoni in Concert

Dean Mary Simoni in Concert

EMPAC, Theater

April 13, 2012 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Please join the Arts Department for a concert of electroacoustic music and multimedia works composed and performed by Mary Simoni, Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences.  She will be joined by Rensselaer students and musicians from the Capital District.

The concert will premiere the video of the live performance of a multimedia work entitled questions that tempt the sleeper by Mary Simoni and her daughter, Shannon Dowd.  This one-act improvised play explores the stages of human emotion that characterize the grieving process.  An orchestra of iPads function as a modern-day Greek chorus– providing leitmotifs and sonic signatures for each of the three characters.

Armé Arirang for clarinet and iPad posits the French warring song from the Renaissance period "L'homme arme" with the traditional Korean folk song "Arirang" that is often performed to promote peace and unity in the Korean peninsula.  This composition is about East meets West, Old meets New, and Religion meets Politics.  Armé Arirang uses the iPad to wirelessly control the sonic characteristics of the clarinet during performance.

Connemara for piano and electronics is an exploration of shifting temporal sonic structures that emulate the rugged western coast of Ireland.  The region known as Connemara is famous for its rocky coast pounded by the relentless tides of the Atlantic, acres of barren desolate moor, and thickets of bog.  Connemara uses interactive technology to enhance the sound of the piano.

The Piano Trio for piano, violin and cello is a three-movement work that explores the theoretical and physical meaning of the number 5.  HotHand® technology modified by the composer tracks bow movement wirelessly that affects the sonic characteristics of the violin and cello.

And to keep ourselves unplugged and grounded in historical performance practice, a selection of classical music for solo piano will be performed including the Schubert Sonata in a-minor, Opus 42.

UPDATE: Live video of the event will be available online at .

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