Daniela Kostova (MFA 2005) & Joro De Boro, XAYC: Xybrid Authenticity Ynder Construction

Daniela Kostova (MFA 2005) & Joro De Boro, XAYC: Xybrid Authenticity Ynder Construction

The Red House Arts Center, 201 S. West St., Syracuse NY 13210, 315.425.0405

May 2, 2009 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM


2 May 2009  8pm- 2am
Free and Open to the Public

Red House Director and Curator Natalia Mount is proud to present International artists Daniela Kostova and Joro De Boro with their newest site-specific project and art event commissioned by the Red House, entitled "XAYC: Xybrid Authenticity Ynder Construction," and Marion Wilson with "Museum of the City of Lost and Found," video projection and sidewalk installation.

When asked of her curatorial direction, Mount said: "By juxtasposing Daniela's, Joro's and Marion's works, their artistic styles and individual dynamics, I aim to give the audience an alternative to the norm of collective experience in art, where expectancy is met through the frame of the institution. XAYC presents a very unique art event. "

XAYC, (pronounced HOUSE in English,) is an art project that questions contemporary identity politics and the concept of subjectivity in relation to authenticity. In Bulgarian language, XAYC, stands for CHAOS.

By creating site specific works both inside and outside of the Red House Arts Center's building, Daniela Kostova and Joro De Boro will open up a dialogue about the meaning of authenticity in the context of contemporary culture, the role of the artist in a system of specialized division of labor, and the importance of audience participation in the ecology of art consumption.

"Art is a brand, authenticity is capital, identity is imagined. There is no process here, this is a freeze-frame of an implosion of space and time - the general relativity of the free market becomes a theory of culture," said Daneila Kostova and Joro De Boro during an interview at Redhouse Art Radio (Listen to Interview).

Marion Wilson will project "Museum of the City of Lost and Found" as a video; a staged performance of Marion Wilson, riding the museum/bicycle through the cemetery stones of St Roch. In addition a sculpture/drawing on the city sidewalks will physically and visually connect Marion's current Warehouse Gallery Window installation to the Red House building. Marion Wilson's artwork included in "XAYC" is the latest development within a body of work commissioned by the 2008 New Orleans Biennial.

"All of my work begins with a site visit (whether it be New Orleans cemetery or John Jamelske's basement) that I first photograph and later either perform in or create a video of.  I am less interested in sculpture as objects and more as living beings or social activities," Marion Wilson elaborates on her work.

In addition to the three artists' work on view, the audience will be able to participate in the "XAYC" film shoot with film director Ron Bonk, hear ToTs newest album live, dance to Joro-Boro's etnoteck beats, and experience the chill-out room/installation at M-LAB. Throughout this unique art event, 'XYAC Art Agents' will recite excerpts of the poem "House", written by poet Michael Burkard.

Red House Arts Center
201 S. West Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

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