The Coconut Museum

The Coconut Museum

The Arts Center at Saratoga Springs

June 9, 2007 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Jesse Stiles & Ross Goldstein present The Coconut Museum , an evening of metaphysical pop songs, sonic installations, and improvised electro-acoustic hullabaloo. 

The Coconut Museum features songs from Ross Goldstein's surrealist Americana record "Trail Songs" as well as songs from Jesse Stiles' EP of experimental pop songs "The Target Museum."   The performing ensemble combines traditional acoustic and custom-built electronic instruments.  The Coconut Museum takes place beneath inflatable light-emitting sonic installations which themselves form part of the meta-orchestra.

Jesse Stiles is a composer, multimedia artist, and sound designer.  Stiles received a Watson Fellowship in 2000 to compose electronic music while traveling in India, Australia, and the UK for one year.  His MFA thesis performance in Troy, New York opened the historic Gasholder Building to the public for the first time in 25 years, immersing hundreds of attendees in a performance of improvised electro-acoustic music and computer-controlled LED sculptures.   He has performed and exhibited multimedia artwork internationally.  Jesse's upcoming "Target Museum" EP weaves real and imagined instruments, physical and synthesized voices, and actual facts with outright lies, creating a dream-like fabric of experimental folk-pop music.   Stiles currently lives and works in Troy, NY.

Ross Goldstein is an American Musician, Artist/Photographer, and Linguistic Deconstructionist.  His "United States of Belt " recording project is a subliminal exploration of the American landscape/mindscape, combining field recordings, experimental music, and studio magic.   He has been commissioned to create performative sound art using cutting-edge sound projection technology.  Goldstein's latest record "Trail Songs" is a psycho-linguistic roadtrip through the topography of American bubble gum music.   Ross' poetically jingoistic lyrics serve as giant, colorful billboards on a highway of beautiful, infectious melodies.  Goldstein resides in Troy, NY where his hand-painted advertisements play a vital role in public landscape.

The Coconut Museum is guest curated by Annmarie Lanesey as part of the ArtSounds Music Series at the Saratoga Arts Center.

Contact: Annmarie Lanesey


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