Capstone Project 2006: Justin Kwan

Capstone Project 2006: Justin Kwan

West Hall Gallery, Room 111

Resuscitation is an immersive installation placing the viewer in the middle of an accident scene. A frenetic mother watches as her injured son is attended by two EMTs and a firefighter. Ron, the youngest EMT, has just earned his certification. The scene unfolds in real time as the rescue team treats the young boy. 

Justin Kwan is a Rensselaer student and video artist who is interested in creating immersive environments. In this piece, the immersion is created with four large projections surrounding the viewer and 5.1 surround sound. A relatively normal situation for rescue workers is made surreal through the characters' decisions and the non-traditional editing structure.  Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM-4:30 PM.  Exhibition runs August 25 - Septmber 6, 2006.

Please join us for a closing reception on Fri., Sept. 6 from 4-5:30 PM.  Refreshments will be served.

For more information contact Justin Kwan at kwanj2@rpi.edi. 

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