BIOART Mixer Event!!

BIOART Mixer Event!!

Center for Biotechnology, 2nd Floor

April 9, 2008 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


April 9, 6-10 PM

Biotech Center, RPI

2nd Floor


Special Guest Musicians:

David Gibson & RPI Chamber Orchestra

Michael Century

Jesse Stiles

Willie Moak

Timothy Sweeney

David Scheffel

Light Show:

Jesse Stiles

On View:


an exhibition by Chris, Birgitta and Geoff Bjornsson




BioArt/BioMedia Initiative Program @ RPI


This initiative proposes to lay the foundation for establishing RPI as the premiere institution for the synthesis of emerging biotechnological research and media art practice. A cross- disciplinary culture will be established employing art in biotechnology. Student-driven collaborations, art and research exhibitions, inter-departmental workshops and grant writing will be used to accomplish this objective. The potential for creating a mutually supportive and critically engaged culture between art, engineering and science exists at RPI to a degree that is possible in only a select few universities worldwide. Now is the ideal time to bring together these visions as research commences in CBIS and construction nears completion on EMPAC.

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