AutoPlay: Electronic Arts Graduate Show

AutoPlay: Electronic Arts Graduate Show

West Hall Gallery, 111, West Hall, RPI Campus

May 13, 2012 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

RPI Electronic Arts PHD and MFA graduates present their newest works in a group show entitled AutoPlay on Sunday the 13th of May, 2012.  The exhibition takes place at West Hall on the RPI Campus from 4pm–7pm.  One of the top new-media arts departments in the country, RPI EArts and iEAR studios have courted contention and praise as leaders at the forefront of interactive, electronic, mixed media, video, game, performance and bio art.

Exhibiting Artists

ALLISON BERKOY presents Company, an interactive installation of projection and mixed media.  An enlivened figure hanging from the gallery's walls invites guests to participate in an unusual type of performance.  Allison is a video and installation artist exploring simulated performance and mixed reality environments.

SENA CLARA CRESTON exhibits Machinescape and Imaginary LandscapesMachinescape is an installation of consumer electronic equipment, reworked to animate components of an immersive sculptural landscape.  Discarded consumer products have been stripped down to their mechanical systems gaining new function as the puppeteers used to animate sculptural interpretations of the earth's natural systems; water, land and sky.  Imaginary Landscapes is a series of photographs taken in and around Troy, NY. The images depict scenes of a dying civilization being taken over by natural elements. The images have signs drawing the viewer into hidden pathways, doors, messages and an anthropomorphized landscape ready to fend for itself.  Sena is an installation artist from New York City.  Her artwork is an attempt to create a world, which the viewer knows is fabricated, yet chooses to engage in. Her work incorporates aspects of sculpture, robotics and installation and is primarily concerned with alternative associations with what is natural.

ANTON HAND unveils THE HOLD, a 3D first-person puzzle platformer. Colliding minimalist, avant-garde aesthetics with a seminal game genre, THE HOLD explores ambiguous narrative, inexplicable architecture, and spacial relativity.  Anton is the Co-Creative Director and Lead Artist working on THE HOLD, and a founding member of RUST LTD. His current work is centered on experimental game design and immersive virtual environments.

SOYO LEE displays Heart (that has been rotting for one hundred years).  In April 2012, Soyo spent three weeks in the conservation department of the oldest medical museum in the United States, restoring human body parts which were preserved in alcohol in the early 19th Century. The goal of this job was to maintain a consistent life-like quality of these anatomical specimens. Ideally, the specimens should remain sterile, fixed and completely dead at all times. Any type of organic growth and decay on the pickled meats were thus removed and discarded. The artist scavenged a piece of a rotting heart and cultured the micro organisms to bring back the biosphere that had once inhabited the specimen jar.  Soyo Lee is a PhD student investigating the history of institutional and ethical constructs that influence artists who work with living organisms as media. She creates reproductions of life science and medical experiments that involve whole or parts of living organisms to test the ethical and aesthetical limits of artistic practices.

Boryana Rossa shows Circus 1937, new reenactment from the project After the Fall.  After the Fall is a multichannel video installation that examines gender performance in film after the Cold War through re-enactments of scenes from chosen cinematic works.  Boryana is an interdisciplinary artist and curator who works in the fields of electronic arts, film, video, performance and photography.

FREE and open to the public

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