Lovely Isomers

Lovely Isomers

EMPAC Theater

April 17, 2010 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

RPI Department of the Arts presents Anna Lindemann and N F Chase's Lovely Isomers in a concert of eclectic sounds and visuals. The performance will feature Lindemann's work Bird Brain for ensemble, electronics and stop-motion animated video, and Chase's Ngoma Lungundu for multi-channel electronics and environmental video projection.

Lovely Isomers brings Lindemann and Chase together on the EMPAC Theater stage where the two [Electronic Arts candidates] will present their diverse and unusual audio/visual compositions.

Lindemann's multimedia Bird Brain combines stop motion animation and video with music for soprano, cello, clarinet, and electronics that unites simple melodies and funky avant-garde rhythms. The piece unfolds as a male bird builds a bower of butterflies to attract a mate, while a female bird tends to her nest atop a kitchen stove. We see glimpses into the biology of these creatures as butterfly wings develop and pasta mitosis animates the growth of the incubating egg. But what will become of the birds when humans parasitize their world to make outlandish hats? 

Chase's Ngoma Lungundu integrates 4-channel, spatialized sound and interactive video into an experiential, musical environment. The Ngoma Lungundu (translated: "voice that thunders") is a sacred drum of the Lemba tribe in Africa said to have offered divine protection in battle. Sequences of live action film, hand-drawn animation and vector graphics combine with the electronic music of Ngoma Lungundu and form a choreographed dance of light, shadow and sound.


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About the artists

Nick Chase

Dubbed by L.A. Weekly as an "Eye/Ear Explorer", N F Chase's music has been performed internationally by the likes of the California EAR Unit, Southwest Chamber Music, New Zealand's 175 East, Long Beach Opera and the Philadelphia Classical Symphony. His electro-acoustic composition has been featured at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Holland, and as part of the Weimar/New York festival in Weimar, Germany. Chase is founder of the Musical Art/Sound Laboratory (Chase Ateliers) whose trans-disciplinary work has been exhibited in festivals across the US and Europe. Chase's work with improvising trio NIRUSU III has been acclaimed by the L.A. Weekly as "pushing the edge of audio/visual improv," while his interactive audio/visual composition Transmission was featured with the Illuminated Corridor's NOVA at the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

Anna Lindemann

EARTS MFA Anna Lindemann is a music composer who's work explores nature in its poignancy, absurdity, and complexity. EARTS PhD N F Chase's music has been described as "The Rite of Spring meets Metallica" (L.A. Times) and probes the intersection between pop and the avant-garde.

Anna Lindemann has composed music for ballet, film, theater, and concert halls, and has received awards for her musical compositions from ASCAP, MTNA, Collage New Music, the Yale Sudler Fund for the Creative and Performing Arts, and the Yale Music Department. Lindemann graduated from Yale College with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology where she conducted field research on bird calls and bird speciation in Indonesia, and studied genes involved in the patterning of butterfly wings during development. Lindemann's work integrates her passion for multidisciplinary art and biology. 


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