Performance: Theory of Flight

Performance: Theory of Flight

EMPAC, Studio 1 - Goodman

April 16, 2011 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

In Theory of Flight, a magical chalkboard illustrates the biological processes involved in wing development and flight as a scientist explains her investigations of hominid aerial locomotion. Dreams of flight, animations of molecular processes made from yarn and buttons and lace, bird songs and molecular music intersect in this pursuit of human flight. 

Anna Lindemann's work integrates her passion for multi-disciplinary art and biology. Combining music, animation, and video, her pieces Theory of Flight, Winged One, Bird Brain, and The Flying Curiosities of the Plant & Animal Kingdoms explore biological development and evolution. The animated bird characters in Bird Brain take inspiration from the peculiar natures of brood parasites and bowerbirds. In Winged One, a lecture on the developmental mechanisms of wing growth goes awry as the possibility for human flight is considered. In both films, biological processes are illuminated using pasta, hats, buttons, yarn and bits of lace. The installation Flying Curiosities of the Plant & Animal Kingdoms weaves together reflections on flight by Alfred Russell Wallace, Henry Woodward, and Etienne-Jules Marey with animated vignettes of the evolutionary origins of flight, and the developmental origins of feather growth and wings in real and fictive species. 

Anna Lindemann | music, animation, script 

Emma Lunbeck | consulting director

Lucy Fitz Gibbon | performer

Anna Lindemann | performer

Kylin Mettler | costuming 

Jay Maury | lighting design

Nicholas Stipinovich | chalkboard fabrication

William Fritz | rigging

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