Chimera Workshop: Let's Talk about Genetics

Chimera Workshop: Let's Talk about Genetics

The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Avenue, Tory, NY 12180

November 8, 2019 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Audience is invited to participate in a workshop on genetics as both dream and science.

Create your chimera. Speculate on its aesthetic, metaphorical, fantastical or utilitarian properties and us.   

Bring two or more objects (stuffed and plastic toys, plants, but not living animals) that represent these species from which you will create your chimera. For instance an elephant stuffed toy and a lavender plant.

During the workshop you will make a collaged chimerical object and write a paragraph description of the use of this chimera or its aesthetics. Any approach is good - playful, anecdotal or serious.

At the end we will make a book with images of the chimeras and their descriptions, which will resemble an ancient bestiary

During your work we will engage you in conversations about genetic modification.


Boryana Rossa is an interdisciplinary artist and curator who works in the fields of electronic arts, film, video, performance and photography. Currently an Associate professor in Transmedia department at Syracuse University. Holds a doctorate degree from the Department of the Arts, Rensselaer, Troy, NY, 2012. In 2004 together with the Russian artist and film maker Oleg Mavromatti, Rossa establishes UTRAFUTURO–an international group of artists engaged with issues of technology, science and their social implications. Her works have been shown internationally at museums such as the Brooklyn Museum, NY; Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow; Museum of Modern Art MUMOK, Vienna, Austria etc.

Professor Heidi Hehnly is an Asssitant Professor in the department of Biology, at Syracuse University. She holds doctorate degrees from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester Mass (2010-14) the University of Iowa, Iowa City IA (2003-2009). Her research interests include understanding the interface between cytoskeletal dynamics and membrane transport and defining how they co-regulate one another to control essential cellular processes such as cell division, fate, and polarity. 


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