Futurefarmers: Cultivating the Garden with Amy Franceshini

Futurefarmers: Cultivating the Garden with Amy Franceshini

The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Ave., Troy, NY

October 18, 2014 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Amy Franceshini of the collective Futurefarmers will work with participants to sow ancient grains and make Agrarian- Activist Sacrecrows at the L Lot of NATURE Lab and The Sanctuary for Independent Media.

Let's sow seeds. It is a magical experience. The land will need to be slightly tilled, turned. We will invite along people who are growing ancient grains to share first-hand their knowledge. The workshop will be a brainstorming session on mapping the regional network of actors who contribute to a regional food system. We will also start the beginnings of a seed library.

We will introduce a range of great agrarian activists and then portray them as scarecrows - To "scare" away industrial agriculture during the sowing of ancient grains. We are looking for "civil disobedient" who have acted on our behalf and brought about consciousness and change in these realms:

- land use

- land access

- intellectual property

- labor issues

- environmental justice

Here are some on Amy’s list:

- José Bové

- Ignacio Chapela

- Vandana Shiva

- Subcommondante Marcos

- Rachel Carson

- Caesar Chavez

- Tim DeChristopher


Do you have any that have inspired you or affected your life? 


Sponsored by Rensselaer's School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, iEAR Presents, NYSCA, NEA, and The Sanctuary for Independent Media

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