Internationally renowned video artists LoVid will present their recent iteration of iParade#4 (Troy)

Internationally renowned video artists LoVid will present their recent iteration of iParade#4 (Troy)

West Hall, 211

February 18, 2014 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

iParade is a series of experimental locative media App-works, exploring relationships of personal or communal memories with public spaces in both physical and virtual environments. Each work in the series is distributed as a smartphone App. The iParade App uses GPS data and includes video, sound, and text that are accessible only in specific geographic locations. The piece will consider Troy’s social, cultural, and architectural history as well as its current environment. Research and production will be conducted in the city, in dialogue with local residents and institutions. The participatory production process will include interviews, video filming, and sound recordings. The final App-work will be presented as public and collaborative art walks that engage audiences in experimental media as a new form of public art while renewing the participants’ appreciation of their physical surroundings. LoVid has recently received support from NYSCA to produce an iParade episode in Troy NY.


LoVid is an interdisciplinary artist duo composed of Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. Our work includes live video installations, sculptures, digital prints, patchworks, media projects, performances, and video recordings. We combine many opposing elements in our work, contrasting hard electronics with soft patchworks, analog and digital, or handmade and machine produced objects. This multidirectional approach is also reflected in the content of our work: romantic and aggressive, wireless and wire-full. We are interested in the ways in which the human body and mind observe, process, and respond to both natural and technological environments, and in the preservation of data, signals, and memory.

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