Solo Studio Performance by Michael Century

Solo Studio Performance by Michael Century

West Hall, Room 323

November 26, 2013 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Program Notes 

Within and Without uses the rich expressive control of the accordion to “drive” a music of rhythmic pulsation. The piece is in a popular idiom, and its title refers to the George Harrison song Within You and Without You, which provides some of the melodic motifs. The electronic modules are the classic filters and samplers that have been around since analogue days, and the central instrumental technique used in the piece is the tremolando effect — shaking the accordion in fast rhythmic repetition — usually synced tightly with the electronic pulsation.•••Terry Riley’s 1963 Keyboard Studies pre-date his more famous In C, and they define the style of minimalism in keyboard playing. Both works grow out of Riley’s experimentation with electronic tape delays at the San Francisco Tape Music Center. Their scores comprise collections of short phrases to be performed with indefinite repetition and in recombination with one another. ••• In Riley’s moody Fandango, one can hear traces of the composer’s ragtime and jazz roots against the stately rhythm of the Spanish flamenco dance. •••Composer-Pianist Fredric Rzewski is noted for his politically engaged music, most famously the piano masterpiece The People United Will Never Be DefeatedWinnsboro Cotton Mill Blues was inspired by the film Norma Rae, about union organizing in a Southern cotton mill.  Blues legend Leadbelly taught the song to Pete Seeger, and it is now indelibly associated with Seeger’s Folkways recording.••• Both Country and Twenty-One are improvisatory solos  derived from polyrhythmic études I use for building up overlaid rhythmic cycles.•••My Fogo Variations takes its theme from the love song Green Shores of Fogo, which I learned from Ken Peacock’s 1952 publication of the Songs of the Newfoundland Outports, a book introduced to me by Reginald Godden.•••Drummer and composer Susie Ibarra released her Folkloriko record in 2004 on the Tzadik label, drawing on folk traditions of her native Phillipines.  Paninwala is Tagalog for belief.•••Guy Klucevsek’s witty Accordion Misdemeanors was commissioned to accompany the audio book publication of Annie Proulx’s Accordion Crimes.

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