Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival

Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival

The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 Sixth Ave., Troy, NY

Image from ' A Map with Gaps' by Alice Nelson.  2006.  26 min. (Scotland)

iEAR Presents! and The Sanctuary for Independent Media collaborate to present the longest-running, premiere showcase for international non-fiction media in the U.S.  Themes include strong women, autism, the evolution debate and more.  Screening dates include November 14, 28 and December 5, 2007

11/14/07 7 PM screening:

A Map With Gaps by Alice Nelson. 2006. 26 min. (Scotland)

Using a combination of archive audio recordings, still photographs,
drama reconstruction, and animation, this surreal and comic tale is
an account of a journey made by the director's father through Soviet
Russia in the early 1970s in a van he built and named "Supervan."
Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction, and sometimes the gray
area between the two is the most interesting place to explore.

Today's Man by Lizzie Gottlieb. 2006. 55 min. (U.S.) NY

Nicky Gottlieb is a young man struggling to leave the comfort and
safety of his parents' home and find his place in the world. While he
can calculate the square root of any number in the blink of an eye,
he has trouble reading the simplest of facial expressions, making
social interaction difficult. At the age of 21, he is diagnosed with
Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. This loving
portrait by his filmmaker sister is both a personal exploration of
one family's journey and a broader effort to understand this
mysterious disorder.

11/28/07 7 PM screening:

Sisters in Law by Kim Longinotto & Florence Ayisi. 2005. 104 min.  (Cameroon)

"Men are going to get the message now." The lawyers and judges in one 
small courthouse in Kumba, Cameroon are helping to transform women's 
and children's lives by protecting them from domestic violence. From 
the maker of Divorce Iranian Style and Gaea Girls comes this latest 
project celebrating dynamic women in non-traditional roles. A 
testament to how a few strong women can help to make an impact on 
individual lives as well as traditional world-views.

12/05/07 7 PM screening:

Flock of Dodos by Randy Olson. 2006. 84 min. (U.S.)

Who are the dodos in the current debate over evolution versus 
intelligent design? With a Super Size Me-style good spirit, marine 
biologist turned filmmaker Randy Olson travels the country in search 
of an answer. He starts with his 82 year old mother who is neighbors 
with the top lawyer for intelligent design in Olson's home state of 
Kansas, which is the epicenter of the controversy. This film gets 
beyond the tedium of the "debate" of who's right and who's wrong. 
Instead, it explores how those who embrace each side are 
"communicating" their ideas to the public.

Co-sponsored by The Sanctuary for Independent Media ( ) and funded in part by the Electronic Media and Film Program at the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. 

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